How will the money donated to the Stronger Together Fund be used?

A portion of the funds raised through the Stronger Together Fund will be specifically designated for providing emergency cash assistance to individuals and families who are currently experiencing extreme financial hardship, food insecurity, and potential homelessness due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These funds will be distributed to local nonprofits who already providing this service in our community. While the Fund is focused on basic needs and critical services, we recognize that this crisis is evolving quickly. Priorities may change as community needs evolve. The funds will help pay for rent, food, utilities, childcare, medications, and other basic needs.

The remaining funds will be distributed to our nonprofit partners who are experiencing significant losses in revenue and funding because of the current health crisis. Nonprofits are invited to apply for grants to help cover some of their operating expenses, so that they’ll be ready and able to serve our community through this crisis and into the future.

What is the Greater Attleboro Stronger Together Fund’s service area?

The Fund serves the communities of Attleboro, Norton, North Attleboro, Mansfield, Rehoboth, and Dighton.

How will the funds be distributed?

The Attleboro YMCA will serve as the fiscal sponsor for the fund. The Stronger Together Distribution Committee will award grants, based on applications submitted by our partner nonprofits. The Distribution Committee will be made up of (5) individuals who represent our primary foundation funders and sponsors. The committee currently includes: State Representative Elizabeth Poirier, Lisa Nelson (District Director at Office of U.S. Congressman Joe Kennedy III), and Sara Link of the United Way.

Which local nonprofits are partnering with the Stronger Together Fund? 

The number of nonprofits who are participating with the Stronger Together Fund continues to grow! For a full list of participating nonprofits, click here.

How much funding will each nonprofit organization receive?

Each partner nonprofit will receive a grant of at least $10,000. Any additional distributions will be determined based upon the total amount that the Fund is able to raise and upon the requests that each nonprofit included in their grant application.

What are the criteria for nonprofits to receive funding? 

For nonprofits to provide emergency cash assistance to individuals and families:

    • Amounts to be determined based on estimates of needs and the nonprofit’s ability to manage and respond to the needs. 

    • Nonprofit demonstrates the mechanism by which the support will be distributed. 

    • Funds need to be distributed to individuals/families within three months of receipt of grant.
    • Funds to be allocated for individuals/families connected to the social service nonprofit, as well as a nonprofit who may choose to serve as the clearing house for new individuals/families in need based on the recent impact on their life.

    • Preference will be to ensure support for each municipality.

For financial awards to support nonprofits that have documented financial losses being incurred due to the COVID-19:

    • Non-profit should document their projected losses through June as well as potentially year end.
    • Amount of allocation can be proportionate to size, but not to exceed more than $100,00 for any one organization.
    • These funds need to be utilized within six months of receipt of grant.

How can I make a gift to the Stronger Together Fund?

You may donate online here. You may also send your donation by check to:

Greater Attleboro Stronger Together Fund
c/o Attleboro YMCA
63 North Main Street
Attleboro, MA 02703