Community Access to Rides

Community Access to Rides:

CAR Initiative

In 2015, the Stronger Together Alliance convened a team of local community organizations to identify and address our community’s most pressing needs. Through this collaboration, the alliance identified a lack of affordable and convenient transportation as a major barrier for low-income individuals.

With public buses operating only on weekdays and through 6 pm, there was a significant obstacle for people to access jobs, schools, medical care, resources, and the services they needed to be successful in work, school and life. 

As a result, the Community Access to Rides (C.A.R.) Program was created and has provided thousands of free rides to individuals in need. Utilizing the Uber platform, the C.A.R. Program is entirely supported by donations and provides much needed stop-gap services to some of our area’s most vulnerable individuals, linking them to life-changing programs and services.

The CAR initiative includes the following community agencies: The Literacy Center, The ARC of Bristol County, Sturdy Health, St. Vincent de Paul Society, Attleboro Area Interfaith Collaborative, Attleboro Public Schools, Norton Human Services, and the Attleboro Norton YMCA

To learn more about how to participate in the CAR Initiative, contact Fauna Osborne, Community Connections Coordinator at